Rei: Universal      Ki: Vital Life Force Energy

                                           Reiki: The boundless, universal aspects of life force energy that flow through all living beings.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It was discovered by Mikao Usui in 1922.  Reiki is a form of alternative therapy commonly referred to as energy healing. It involves the transfer of universal energy from the practitioner to the client. Reiki is done in person or can be done remotely.  

What You May Experience

The practitioner delivers Reiki through their hands or remotely with the intention of:

Raising the amount of chi in and around you;

Healing energetic pathways; and

Reducing negative energies.

When receiving Reiki, you will usually feel very relaxed; you may even have a floating sensation.  You may also feel heat, or tingling, these, and other feelings, come from what the Reiki energy is actually doing in and around your body—adding energy, balancing, and/or removing excess energy and blockages.

You might also experience different emotions, thoughts, or visions from which you can gain insight, perhaps then being able to release something that no longer serves you.  After treatment, many feel refreshed, relaxed, cleared, and more content.

Benefits of Reiki

Strengthens life force energy

Releases blocks and suppressed feelings

Balances and purifies energy centres in and around the body (including chakras and auras)

Enhances personal awareness and self-empowerment

Increases creativity

Helps meditative states

Relaxes; reduces stress; brings peace and tranquility

Promotes natural self-healing

Strengthens the immune system

Treats disease symptoms and causes

Relieves pain and clears toxins








How a Distance Reiki Session works:

Before our appointment I will email you an intake form for you to fill out.

We will have a quick chat by phone, before we begin and then you find a comfortable place to rest.  I will direct the energy to you remotely.  After the session we will talk again sharing any insights we received.


I have recently had remote Reiki from Helen; pre and post surgery on my lung. Each time it felt different. The pre surgery I had a relaxed and at peace feeling. Post surgery the Reiki helped me with the pain I was having on all levels; physically, emotionally and mentally. 

The most recent session I had I felt a huge release of the trauma in my body I had carried with the surgery and also emotions I needed to release. I surrendered to the healing which also made the session more affective. WOW!

Helen is one who connects with you at distance but you can feel the shifts and changes in your whole being as she does the session. Truly amazing...I have had many remote sessions but hers is truly incredible. She comes from a place of pureness, authenticity and integrity. We talked about what we each felt after and it helps bring clarity and healing. 

 I myself am a Reiki Master Teacher and I call on Helen to give me sessions at least once a month for my own self care. 

Contact Helen for a remote session, you will not regret it!  - Candace Hawkshaw

"You haven't had a Reiki Session until you've had Reiki from Helen !"  That's what I kept hearing from Master Healers and Energy Workers amazed at her professionalism and prowess. Why am I also passing this same recommendation on to you? Because, for days after being "Helenized", I could still feel the energy coming from her hands as if they had never left my body - still working, still healing, still leaving me in a state of peace.  This energy that she commands is as distinct as fingerprints, as powerful as any I have ever felt, and has left me and others, feeling that we have been touched by the Peace of God.  Let your healing begin and let this peace wash over you.  It is an experience not to be missed.
Greg Nicol,
Empathic Shamanic Healer & Spirit Medicine Practitioner

I am currently doing Distance Sessions only 

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