Corporate Workshops

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Corporate Workshops

  Introducing ArtWithin Corporate Workshops in the heart of The Distillery District

We offer the following workshops

Team Building Workshops

Staff Appreciation Workshops

Collaborative Paint Events

Conference Spouse Workshops

How you will benefit:

  • Stimulate creativity and imagination when approaching problem resolution

  • Discover inspiration and innovative thoughts from within

  • Apply new creative skills transferable to daily business operations

  • Implement new ways of approaching a task (break it down, focus on its parts and zoom back out to rediscover a new whole)

  • Boost confidence to deal with the unexpected

  • Enhance flexibility of thinking and observational skills to find new connections

  • Promote open communication among teammates

  • Strengthen team performance by building on ideas of others

The Distillery Historic District
15 Case Goods Lane #307, Toronto, ON
M5A 3C4

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