Born and raised in Toronto, not formally trained in the arts, my lifelong love of art led me to explore my creative side. I first started with drawing classes reminiscent of the ones I took during summer holidays in high school. Thanks to an amazingly talented art teacher introducing me to the beauty of colour through pastels, my exploration and journey into painting began.   

I believe in art and I believe art should be accessible to everyone. Everyone should enjoy the beauty of original art in his or her home. An original art creation contains a part of the artists’ soul, creating a connection between the artist and the observer. Art speaks to each of us in a unique and powerful way.

I am still exploring the diverse facets of acrylics to represent the diversity of my interests through my abstract, non-objective, landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes and floral creations. Using texture, vibrant and vivid colours, my paintings are thought provoking and inspire others to reflect on life. My art represents the unique journey I am on, never ending, always changing and always learning.

My motto is “Be an original, buy original art.”

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